Monday, November 15, 2010

Juice Boxes

YES!!!  Wooo Hoooooo!!!  I found some great, not too overly expensive organic juice boxes for the kids. I thought.

A friend of mine (Thank you DR) mentioned that I should be careful about juice boxes due to the levels of aluminum that leech into the juice (the packaging is made with aluminum).  WHAT!!??  So, here's what I found.

Juice boxes are made of 6 layers of paper (24%), polyethylene (70%), and aluminum foil (6%).

The paper provides stiffness and strength and gives the package its brick shape.

Polyethylene serves two purposes. On the inner most layer, it forms the seal that makes the package liquid tight. On the exterior, it provides a protective coating that keeps the package dry and provides a printing surface for nutritional and marketing information.

The aluminum foil forms a barrier against light and oxygen, eliminating the need for refrigeration or preservatives to prevent spoilage.

The straws are made of plastic and wrapped in cellophone.

There are 2 sides to this story...1.  The Polyethylene prevents the juice from touching the aluminum foil and there should not be any aluminum in the juice.  2.  The aluminum still leeches through the Polyethylene and there is aluminum in the juice.

So, guess what.....after researching I have decided we are going to drink the boxes we have in the house and not buy more after that.  We will be buying juice preferably in glass or plastic (not 3, 6, or 7!).  And pour that juice into a bpa free sippy cup or cup.  Juice in large containers cost less anyway.  Or even better yet, I could take out the expensive Jack LaLanne juicer I bought and make fresh organic juice with my fresh organic fruit!!  Crazy idea right.  LOL  I also want to try thawing my frozen organic fruit that we buy and try juicing it too.  I do love that juicer....LOVE...LOVE.

And when we are nearing the time of a vaccine, THERE WILL NOT BE ANY JUICE BOXES drank in our house.  A lot of the vaccines have aluminum in them, so DON'T add aluminum to your kids brains and bodies by giving them juice boxes before vaccine time.   I would stay away from the juice boxes 1 week before the vaccine and 1 week after the vaccine.  (Later I will Blog on vaccines and how I order specific vaccines for my kids, I don't use the one the office carries, unless it is one that I am looking for.)