Sunday, April 30, 2017

Seed Saving

Seed saving is so easy. And free.
When you eat a fruit or veggie, scrape the seeds onto a piece of wax paper or paper towel and let the seeds dry completely. I leave mine on the counter top for a couple weeks. Bag them up and you are ready to grow!

Pics are of....

Green sweet pepper seeds
Lemon seeds
Red sweet pepper seeds

Pepper plant from pepper seed
Lemon plant from lemon seed

I am trying the video link for the first time.  Hope it works for you! :-)


Time to FERMENT!

I have been having fun this week. In my spare time, ;-) with fermenting.
I bought The complete idiot's guide to fermenting forever ago and I am just now reading it and trying out the recipes. And of course I am referencing my Nourishing traditions book
Tonight we will be tasting our first batch of dill pickles and carrots for dinner. I am very excited.
Right now I have going on the counter....
More garlic ginger carrot sticks
Garlic sauerkraut
Cream cheese

All milk products are being made with REAL milk from Pasture's Delights!  Thank you Mark!!

Once I collect the whey from my cream cheese and yogurt, I will be fermenting some local asparagus! I can't wait.

I will keep you posted on how things taste. :-)


Garlic Saurkraut

Dill pickles

Garlic carrot sticks


REAL milk yogurt starter

REAL milk cream cheese