Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's In Your Milk???

I just want to make sure everyone saw the Channel 13 piece last night on Dairy Farms, if not here are my notes. The piece discussed dairy farms, milk and meat.  Click here to see Bob Segall's full piece.

Currently, the FDA is testing our milk for 6 antibiotics, if the levels of these 6 antibiotics are too high the milk is rejected, unable to be sold in stores. Now the FDA is asking that our milk be tested for 26 antibiotics. THIS is wonderful news for those of you who drink milk or your kids drink milk. Why, you ask is the amount of antibiotics being increased? Because the USDA has a list called the FSIS Residue Violation Information System that consists of 160 pages of dairy farms where cows sent to slaughter had high levels of drugs in their meat. Meaning meat inspectors are finding unsafe levels of antibiotics and pain killers in meat. And...this is very scary... milk inspectors are not even currently looking for all of the drugs that are being used on dairy farms (i.e. they are testing for 6 and dairy farms are using hundreds of antibiotics and pain killers in their livestock). In Indiana 16 dairy farms are on the FSIS list for violations. 16!!

Unfortunately, the new testing is not going to happen for several months. So... as I have been preaching....buy organic milk that has a label that reads NO antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticides. Yes, organic is more money, but if you buy Meijer Organics the price is not horrible, and you know that organic milk is safe for you and your family.

And for my harsh closing...if you can't buy organic milk, please stop drinking milk. I know that is harsh, but after seeing the levels of pain killers and antibiotics that are being passed onto to us through milk...THAT IS UNSAFE and unacceptable!!! Buy your kids organic yogurt or cheese for their dairy needs. Our kids need dairy to build bone, we all know that, but what we don't want is all the other crap being put into our kids bodies.

I know many of you don't want to go organic but you have to in the area of dairy foods. At least until our conventional dairy food is cleaned up.