Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How to Stay Healthy

Hello!  How have you been?  I hope marvelous!!  I have nothing to complain about.  Life is good and Jesus is awesome!  :-)

With the way sickness has been rampant this winter, I thought I would write an article on how to stay healthy.  Most of these points are pretty obvious, but still need to be stated.

How many of you do not get enough rest?  This is the foundation to a healthy body.  The way God made these bodies, is that they need rest in order to stay healthy.  How many hours of sleep are you getting?  If that number is below 7 or 8, you need to make some life changes.  Turn off that T.V., stop scrolling through Facebook, or put down that book.  You cannot function, your brain cannot function without sleep.  Think about this.  Please.

Eat your fruits and vegetables.  Remember half of your meal needs to be fruits and vegetables in order for your body to properly digest the food you are eating.  Can we do this 3 meals a day?  Maybe not.  But strive.  Add more fruits and vegetables to your day.  If we ate more fruits and vegetables we wouldn't have room for all of that junk food.

Sugar is POISON!!  No kidding.  I really believe Satan either created sugar or gave a human the idea to create sugar.  I hate sugar.  HATE.  If we could all eat it in moderation, that would be GREAT!  But most of us cannot.  If you haven't watched the documentary "FED Up", I highly recommend you buy it or rent it.  It outs the sugar industry and is one of the best documentaries I have watched.  Sugar compromises our immune system.  We really DO NOT need our immune systems compromised this winter with all of the sickness going around.  Stay away from sugar!

Hand washing
I know this sounds like your mom talking to you now.  But honestly, it's the simplest things that work.  When you leave the house and go to the grocery or go where ever, use the little cart cleaning station stores have to wipe down your cart before pushing it and don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth until after you wash your hands.  We keep wet wipes in the car and the kids know to get the wet wipes out or the essential oil hand spray as soon as we get back in the car.  Then when we get home, it's straight to the sink to wash our hands with soap and water.  And not anti-bacterial soap.

I saved my favorite for last.

Probiotics.  Oh, how I LOVE probiotics.  You can get them anywhere nowadays but that doesn't mean they are worth you spending money on them.  I have bought several different brands and my favorite brand comes from doTERRA.  I am a Wellness advocate for doTERRA.  Ain't gonna hide that.  I LOVE their products.  They sell a probiotic that is amazing.  It is double encapsulated.  Which means it doesn't dissolve in your stomach, it dissolves in your colon and intestines.  Which is where you want the probiotics to go.  Most probiotics are destroyed in the stomach by our stomach acid.  But not doTERRA's.  It's the only probiotic I use and highly recommend.

If you want to go another route, start buying or making Kombucha.  This effervescent drink is full of probiotics and tastes delicious too!  Here's a link on how to make it.  And here is a link to why I drink it.

Here's a link to PB Assist, if you are interested.  If you already know someone that is a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA, please contact them to get your bottle.  1 a day is recommended. 

And here is a link to my doTERRA webpage, if you want to check out other products.  Or go to my.doterra.com/itstimetogreen 

Here is a link to make your own homemade hand sanitizer.

Did I forgot anything?  If I did, leave me a message!!  Gosh, I am full of links aren't I?  :-)

Stay healthy and keep living GREEN!!


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