Monday, January 21, 2013

I Have a Love-Hate Relationship

I have a love-hate relationship with coffee.  I love to drink coffee.  Coffee hates me.

After I drink it I have this nauseous sensation that doesn't leave for at least half of a day.  It's one of those relationships where as I am sipping my coffee I am thoroughly enjoying every sip.  Then when I have finished the cup (or sometimes even before I have finished) I have the thought that goes a little something like this........."WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!"  Can any of you relate?  The reason??  Caffeine increases stomach acids levels.  Even decaf.

The Healthy Home Economist wrote a blog post a while ago about the effects caffeine has on us.  After I read that I was OK with the fact that coffee and I don't have a great relationship.  Even though I only drink decaf.  Decaf coffee still has enough caffeine in it to upset my stomach.  It is a GREAT article if you are a caffeine lover and even if you're not, read it here.  (P.S. Have I told you how much I love Sarah Pope, who is The Healthy Home Economist?  I do.   ;-) )

So, I found this little love....

Teeccino Maya Herbal Coffee.  It is USDA organic, naturally caffeine free and non acidic herbal coffee.  The one I bought was Chocolate Organic.  They describe it as a "velvety chocolate with a hint of heat from chilies."  They use carob, which is caffeine free.  It does have some organic cocoa in it, so it has to have a small amount of caffeine.  But my tummy can tell you, it can't be much.

I think I bought this at Whole Foods, so you can buy it here on Amazon or even at EarthFare, I would imagine.  On Amazon it is $12.38 for 1 11 oz bags or $24.00 for 3 bags, which equates to $8.00 per bag.  I think I paid somewhere around $9.00 at Whole Foods for 1 bag.  I also bought my tea infuser here, that I obviously use for coffee.  :-)  And I LOVE it!

It is delicious.  I added a little coconut sugar and raw milk to mine this morning.  And the great part for me is, when I get distracted from my hot "coffee" and I go back to it ice is still delish!  ;-)  (Hey I was proud of myself, I had 1 load of laundry done, living room and kitchen floors vacuumed and kitchen mopped by 9 a.m.  What?!?  ;-) )

And for those of you who want to detox away from you coffee addiction, this is a great substitute for you coffee.  They even make the comment on the package that says "Kick the caffeine habit in 2 weeks!  Begin brewing 3/4 coffee to 1/4 Teeccino.  Gradually decrease coffee and increase Teeccino until you are caffeine-free!"  

The side of the bag give you instructions on all the different ways to brew and what amounts you need.

Soooo.....GO GET SOME!  :-)

Here are additional coffee substitute ideas from...once again...Sarah Pope, The Healthy Home Economist.  

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