Sunday, April 30, 2017

Time to FERMENT!

I have been having fun this week. In my spare time, ;-) with fermenting.
I bought The complete idiot's guide to fermenting forever ago and I am just now reading it and trying out the recipes. And of course I am referencing my Nourishing traditions book
Tonight we will be tasting our first batch of dill pickles and carrots for dinner. I am very excited.
Right now I have going on the counter....
More garlic ginger carrot sticks
Garlic sauerkraut
Cream cheese

All milk products are being made with REAL milk from Pasture's Delights!  Thank you Mark!!

Once I collect the whey from my cream cheese and yogurt, I will be fermenting some local asparagus! I can't wait.

I will keep you posted on how things taste. :-)


Garlic Saurkraut

Dill pickles

Garlic carrot sticks


REAL milk yogurt starter

REAL milk cream cheese

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