Friday, October 15, 2010

Products we "THINK" we Need in our Life

Ok, so I am soooo in love with this is an amazing web page and I feel pretty good about what I realized tonight!  I am on the right path for has blogged about the same topics I have been writing about!  Very cool and reassuring.

Tonight I read an article that went into details about products that we have decided that we "MUST HAVE!" in our lives.  This article debunks that idea.  I think this way of thinking is refreshing and is going to save us money!  Woo hoo!!  Click Here. for full article.

Lip Balm  I have to admit it...I have totally been addicted to my lip balm...that is until I realized what was in my lip balm.  Guess what????  Many lip balms/salves contain alcohol, which can dry out your lips. And so you reapply, thinking you're adding in much-needed moisture that can only be provided by the stuff in the tube. Not so. Left alone, most lips can maintain their own moisture balance just fine. If you must use lip balm, however, go for something with just a handful of truly nourishing ingredients like the ones from Buddha Nose or Burts Bees'.

Foot Cream The skin on our feet may feel thicker than the skin on our forearms, but that doesn't mean it needs its own product category. Instead, pick a sustainably harvested allover lotion like Alaffia's shea butter lotions, or Whole Foods' super-affordable Everyday Shea, slather that on your feet, and then put on some cotton socks if you really want to lock in moisture.  I can't wait to try this Everyday Shea from Whole Foods!

"Shaving Cream Another thing you don't need. Yes, it's nice to have something between the blade and your face or legs, to ensure a close shave and the least amount of discomfort possible, but there are so many other things you can use that don't contain harsh sulfates and foam boosters. For legs, I like using the conditioner left on my hands after I apply it to my hair. Shaving oils are also great for face and legs—but so is any old oil you have lying around, if you can get past the putting-oil-on-your-face thing (a stretch for some, surely). Even a simple three-ingredient soap works well."
Body Wash is often packaged in plastic and loaded with chemicals you would not want near you if you knew what they were. Again, simpler is better. An all-purpose soap like Dr. Bronner's can be used for body, hands, hair, clothing, and even your toilet. Right now I am using Whole Foods brand 365 body wash herbal mint and I love it.  I have had a bottle of Dr. Bronner's for a while now and can't wait to try it as my body wash too. 

I am thinking all of this can save me and you some serious money!

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