Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fruit flies?? Be GONE!!

Anyone else fighting fruit flies in your house?  They are driving me nuts.  Here is how you get rid of them.

Fruit Fly Be Gone Tonic
Organic apple cider vinegar
Some sort of GREEN dish soap (the kind of soap you use when hand washing your dishes)

Pour a small amount of organic apple cider vinegar in a small glass bowl.  Add 3 drops of dish soap.  Swirl to mix.  Set in your kitchen.  And watch what happens.

Here is a picture of my success.  :-)  There was more organic apple cider vinegar in the glass bowl when I started.  A lot of it evaporated.  This picture was taken after the first day of the tonic sitting out on the kitchen counter.  Safe, natural and it works!
This is how much acv I used.

Gross huh'?  But it works!

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