Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why Should you Soak Nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts, etc.) Before you Eat Them???

This was one of those GREEN things, that I did not understand.  I put it off to the very last thing on my "how to eat real food list."  And when I finally soaked some almonds and dried did I kick myself.  If you like to snack on almonds or any nut.  This is a must read for you.

Soaking is sooo easy, it makes nuts taste 1000% times more delicious and allows your body to actually use the nutrients, vitamins and good stuff that are inside a nut.

My favorite way to soak is all in one day.  My feeling is, get is all done and over with, then I have a refrigerator full of nuts that are ready.  Either to snack on or to cook with.  For example the delicious almonds pancakes I posted here.

Think of it this way.  (Gonna get gross here....)  When you eat nuts that have not been soaked and dried, you eat them, you think to yourself, hey these taste pretty good, down the hatch they go, your body says oh, he or she ate some nuts, great...what do we do with these things....???....well we can't get much nutrition out of them, so out the old poop shoot they go. 

I have heard many people say they notice an "upset stomach" when they eat nuts that have not been soaked.  This is because your body cannot digest them correctly.   When we listen to our bodies we can learn a lot.

So.....why don't we soak 'em and allow your body to say WOW we can actually get a TON of vitamins and minerals and all sorts of nutrition out of these nuts.  Think of it this will eat less when you body can tell you, "hey we've had enough, you can stop eating, you have given us some great vitamins and nutrients."  When the opposite happens with unsoaked nuts.  Your body cannot pull anything from them, so you brain never flips a switch to tell you it's full and you have ate the entire jar of nuts.  So, you actually save yourself money when you soak nuts.  You eat a little and you feel full.  And you have less "upset stomach" issues.  And get soooo much more nutrition out of them soaked.

Got it?  Good.  Now go buy some organic raw nuts (almonds are our fave) and get to SOAKING!!!!!

I will be posting recipes for each nut separately.  :-)  Soaked nuts make a GREAT snack!  Try some with raw cheese or a glass of REAL milk....delish and oh so filling.  :-)

And don't forget to reread my post on soaking oats, rice and beans here.

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