Friday, July 26, 2013

What's going on in my kitchen today?

This is too funny.  I had to share it with all of my traditional foods and GREEN friends.

When I took a breath today and stepped back and looked at my kitchen, I laughed.  Look below and you will see why.

This is what went on in my kitchen today....

Butternut squash cut up and ready to freeze (chunks and fry shape) and 4 jars of Kimchi.

Butternut, Kimchi and Kombucha on it's 2nd Ferment.

Of course I saved the seeds from the Organic Butternut Squash to plant next year!

Water Kefir Brewing.

Becker's Farm Whole Chicken Cooking to make Chicken Stock and of course shredded chicken.

My beautiful Butternut Squash Soup, part of my new sort of GAPS life.

Beautiful Kimchi!  In 3 days I get to eat it!

I liked both pictures, couldn't decide which one I like better. :-)  Kimchi again.

So, by now you can figure out why I laughed so hard today when I stood back and looked at my kitchen, I had a lot going on!  But it is ohhhhh so worth it!!!

Keep Living Green,

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