Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Homemade "Gatorade" Recipes

Well, with all of this flu going around I thought it would be perfect to share some recipes that would help with dehydration.  And with spring sports starting up these recipes are doubly perfect.  :-)  

Let me begin by saying Gatorade is poison.  And I do not mean that jokingly.  Please do not buy it, drink it, or give it to your kids.  It is full of artificial food coloring, that has been proven to increase ADD and ADHD in our kids (and in adults too).  And has an ingredient list on it that only a scientist could explain.  Pepsi has made millions off of Gatorade.  Millions.  If in doubt of what to give your kids, give them water.  Please.  We get enough sodium in the food we eat.  They are not going to dehydrate because water doesn't have salt in it.

Read this article about kids and ADD (this article is good, but don't give soy milk to your kids or drink it yourself either) and this article on ADD is good too.  

Honestly, you don't have to believe me.  Just watch your kids behavior.  I was together with a group of teachers a few months ago and they referenced the "Fruit Punch test," I asked what they were referring to?  They told me that when there are class parties, parents will send in the big plastic containers of Hawaiian Fruit punch for the kids to drink.  And they said like clockwork, after the kids drink it they become out of control.  The combination of sugar, red food coloring and the other harmful ingredients in the Fruit Punch create out of control kids.  (Do your teacher a favor, don't send in anything with artificial food coloring in it (even those cute little colored cupcakes), go with white icing on mini cupcakes.  They kids will love them just as much.  And for a kid drink buy Honest Kids from Meijer.  It comes in pouches or large plastic containers.  (It isn't perfect, but is a lot better than red fruit punch.)

And you know the rule:  IF there are more than 12 ingredients in a "food" and/or you can't pronounce or understand what they are.....then you should not be drinking or eating it.  Very simple.  And if there is food coloring, especially Red 40...DO NOT drink or eat it!!

Why would you want to put poison in your or your kids body when you can make your own healthy version of Gatorade??  I just don't understand.

I ALWAYS recommend glass or stainless steel water bottles.  Plastic is not good.

So, here are a few recipes to pick from......

Homemade "Gatorade" Concentrate
1 cup lemon juice (about 6-8 organic lemons)
1/2 cup raw honey or maple syrup (Farmers market)
1 teaspoon Redmond Real sea salt (Meijer or WalMart)
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

Place in a pint mason jar and shake to combine.  Store concentrate in the refrigerator.  You can either add this entire recipe to 1 gallon of water or add 1-2 tablespoons to 8 ounces (2 cups) of water as you need it.  

Homemade Energy Drink
2 cups water or coconut water
1-2 tbsp maple syrup
Juice of 1/2 organic lemon
Juice of 1/2 organic lime
Pinch of Redmonds Read sea salt
Stir, add ice and enjoy.

Homemade Sports Drink (ginger is great for the flu)
3-4 slices fresh organic ginger (or 2-4 drops "do"Ginger essential oil)
1 cup r.o. water + extra
Juice of 1/2 organic lemon
1/4 tsp Redmond Real sea salt
1-2 tablespoons raw honey

Slice the ginger and put it in a small stainless steel saucepan with 1 cup water.  If your ginger is very large only use 2 slices.  Place on stove and boil for 5 minutes.  Turn stove off.  Let ginger steep in hot water, on hot burner, for an additional 5 minutes.

Meanwhile juice your 1/2 lemon.  Please use fresh lemons.  Most bottled lemon juice contains preservatives.

Pour the hot ginger water into a glass jar.  A quart mason jar works great.  Anything glass.  Then add your honey, lemon juice and sea salt. Put lid on and shake until honey and sea salt are dissolved or stir with a spoon.

Then add enough water and ice to make 3 cups.  Some who are sick with the flu prefer this warm or room temperature.  Do what you like.  

Homemade Orange Sports Drink
1/2 cup fresh organic orange juice
2 tablespoons organic lemon juice
1/2 tsp. Redmond Real Sea Salt
7 cups r.o. water
1/4 tsp. baking soda
1/4 c raw honey or 1/4 tsp clear liquid stevia or 1/8 tsp. powdered stevia

Mix the salt, baking soda and water until dissolved.  Some people put this in a small stainless steel saucepan and warm until all if perfectly dissolved.  But stirring should be good enough if you don't have time.

Add the orange and lemon juice and sweetener and shake or stir well until combined.  If the honey is too difficult to mix in, add it to your bullet  and blend.  Drink as desired.  Store in refrigerator for up to 1 week.  

**Tips:  Freeze lemon, oranges and limes (individually) and free in ice cube trays in 1 tbsp servings.  Pop out and store in a glass pyrex bowl or ziploc bag in the freezer.  Pull out as you need.

For more recipes Google "Homemade Sports Drinks."  Or click here or here or here for a very indepth article. (One of my favorite blogs is at www.kitchenstewardship.com/ ).

Let me know which is your favorite!!

Happy and healthy drinking!!

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