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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Best Diaper Cream

The Best Diaper Cream (clay)
2 oz cup shea butter (I buy this one.  But is not white.  It is yellow.)
2 oz cup coconut oil (I buy this one.)
1/4 cup bentonite clay (I buy this one.)
7 drops lavender essential oil (I only use the company that begins with do)
7 drops melaleuca (I only use the company that begins with do)
Almond oil (I would recommend this one.) or jojoba or avocado.  If needed.

1. Place all ingredients in a bowl and use a fork to mash all ingredients together.  If the cream is too dry, add 5-10 drops of Almond oil at a time and continue mashing until the consistency is that of a very thick paste.  This will take a few minutes but the end result is worth it.
2.  I then transfer cream to this container.
3.  Apply with clean hands as needed.
Lasts 6 months, approximately.

Keep Oiling!

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