Monday, February 29, 2016

Don't have time to cook? Now you do...

This post is looong over due.  I have found a new love.  An appliance love (yes....again. :-)  )

My steamer was starting to give out so I went online months ago looking for a new steamer.  Everywhere I looked this thing called an Instant Pot popped up.  I ignored it.

Then I decided to find a new pressure cooker to use on the stove.  I have one but it is aluminum and I am NOT cooking in aluminium anymore.  Guess what kept popping up in my search for a new pressure cooker?  Yep, you guessed it, this weird little appliance called an Instant Pot.  Still, I ignored it.

Then a friend sent me a link to this appliance that she knew I would love.  Can you guess what the link was too?  Yep.  An instant pot.

Hilarious, right?!

So, I started researching and asked for an Instant Pot for Christmas.  My giving husband delivered. :-)

Then for about what feels like 2 weeks, I sat there staring at the Instant Pot.  The manual was overwhelming and my past fear of pressure cookers was resurfacing.  Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and just try something...anything.

So, I boiled water (this is a test they want you to perform before using) I thought I could handle that.  

Then I was ready to cook a meal.  And it turned out beautifully.

Here are a few reasons why I am in love with my IP:
-Chuck roast in IP-45 minutes....crock pot 8 hours
-Beef bone broth in IP 1 hour 50 minutes and delicious....stove top 1 day.
-Refried beans in IP-30 minutes....crock pot 24 hours.
-Ribs-actually tender
-Best cheesecake ever
-Best soft boiled eggs ever
-Best hard boiled eggs ever
-Dinner time is no longer stressful and I enjoy meal planning

So, for those of you who have told me you can't cook traditional, that there aren't enough hours in the day....well.......guess what?  Now you have no excuse.  Start saving for the appliance that will change your life forever and allow you to cook healthy, home cooked meals in a fraction of the time.  And I can't even imagine how much this is cutting down on our electricity bill.  Click here to see the one we bought.  A 6qt Duo.  There is a new one with blue tooth, but I didn't want that one.

You can see in the picture the 3 cookbooks I bought.  I love them all but Bob Warden's is my favorite.

Also make sure you are part of the Instant Pot community on Facebook.  It's amazing.

Happy instant potting!!!  Your life will never be the same.


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