Saturday, September 11, 2010

Food Storage

I am going to further do some research on dish washing and the plastics (in a dishwasher). 

I want to know if not using the high temperature wash settings helps (does less or no BPA leech out if washed at the lower temperature setting).  I have always been a "HIGH TEMP dishwasher setting girl."  I want to boil those germs and food off of my dishes.  I actually feel like hand washed dishes don't get the boil bath that I want them to have (though sometimes there are little particles of food left on the dishes...but hey they were boiled, right?  So, they are clean, germ free food particles...right???  LOL

I will get back to you on this.

Can you tell I am NOT loving handing washing my plastics.  And after I finished the blog on Food Storage and looked around my house...I have a LOT of plastic in my house!!!!


  1. I still can't follow you. :( BUT BPA does leach out in the dishwasher, or any hot temperature. I've switched to all glass storage some time ago. Its a nice way to recycle by keeping spaghetti sauce jars and other glass things. Also, I've bought a couple cases of Ball jars for storage. They're really cute and handy. I'm about to post a photo on my blog on how I use my Ball jars (coincidentally we're talking about the same thing on our blogs this week!) :D Also, wondering more about how you are liking 365 hair products. I'm going to be going to Whole Foods next week with when I get into town, and I'm thinking about giving the conditioner a try.

  2. I just referred to you in my blog post and added a link back to your site. :D