Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For years, I have had these tiny little bumps on the outsides of my arms (bicep area and around the back of my arms).  I never knew what they were.....they were just.....always there!

I have been using wowgreen laundry detergent for a few weeks now and GUESS WHAT I discovered this wonderful morning???

The tiny bumps, that I have come to accept in my life............ ARE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     YAY!!!

The detergent is really amazing.  We have a HE washing machine.  One bottle of wowgreen laundry detergent will do 128 loads (64 loads in a regular washing machine)!  That is crazy!!  You use 1/2 oz per each load of laundry.  The cost is around $0.18 per load in a HE washing machine and around $0.36 per load in a regular washing machine.  And you don't use softener with the wowgreen detergent!  That saves us a ton of money right there!!

My detergent history......
Many years ago I had to stop using Tide.  Every time I would do laundry and then wear the clothes right after washing, I would get a rash and itch.  So, I changed to a different detergent and things got better.

Then after a few months the same things started happening again.  If I wore clothes that had been washed a few weeks ago, it was better, but if I wore clothes that were fresh out of the dryer I would itch like crazy.  I did some research and found out that scented Downy has fiberglass in it.  So, when I put my shirt on and my back started to itch, it was the fiberglass pressing on my skin.  FIBERGLASS!!  Are you kidding me?  It felt the exact same way it felt when I has a kid and would help my grandpa up in the attic with all the pink panther insulation to keep us warm.  I don't think that should be in our detergent, that we use on our clothes that we wear on our skin every day.  Do you??

So, in a nut shell..................I LOVE wowgreen laundry detergent!!! 

Check out my wowgreen website at

If you don't detergent from wowgreen please find a safer detergent than the one you are currently using.  :-)

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