Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wart, wart...oh beware!!

I write this post quite ecstatic!  And a little bummed at the same time.

1.  I am ecstatic that we found a natural way to make my 5 year olds wart disappear, I hope we killed it and it has not just temporarily disappeared.
2.  Bummed that I did not take pictures of the wart before we started.  (I think, honestly, I did not think this would work, so why take a picture.  Right?  Get me?)

Any way, this is soooo simple and amazing.

Months ago we noticed a spot on our 5 year olds wrist, I honestly thought it was poison ivy.  So, I didn't do anything about it except to tell him not to scratch it.  Well, after weeks went by and the "poison ivy" did not disappear, and a little black seed started to grow in the center, we figured out it was a planters wart.  I had them on my hands when I was younger too, so I could relate to the little guy.

So, you know me, I headed to google.  I found two different and weird recommendations.  One was to cut a very ripe banana peel and duct tape the banana peel to the wart at bed time.  Ok, I wasn't going to put duct tape on his skin, but I could use athletic tape.  So, we did this for a few nights.  Then we ran out of bananas.  (Ever try to keep the skin of a banana??  It turns all black and nasty, even in the refrigerator.)  So, onto recommendation two.

Organic apple cider vinegar.  So, we started rubbing ACV all over the wart at bed time with a q-tip, covering it in white athletic tape and guess what???  THE WART IS GONE!!!  I think it took about 2 weeks from start to finish.

An amazing discovery!  We did not have to go to the doctor or purchase the wart freeze stuff you see on T.V. with who knows what kinds of chemicals in it.

YAY!!! Score another point for safe, at home ways to heal problems.  LOVE IT!!

I will keep you posted on whether our not the wart remains gone.  :-)  I am optimistic that it is dead.  So, warts our there...BEWARE!

*Since I wrote this I have became a doTERRA girl.  The most AMAZING essential oils!  My son developed a second wart.  We tried the apple cider vinegar for months and the wart never died.  I researched my doTERRA oils and found out that Frankincense and Clove work for warts.  So, after 2 weeks of using the Frankincense the wart was almost DEAD (still using the same method, putting the oil on the wart and covering the wart with athletic tape, then going to bed)!  We then started alternating nights of Frankincense and Clove and the wart is completely gone!!!  doTERRA Essential Oils ROCK!!!!!! and click on the doTERRA link to learn more.

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