Thursday, October 25, 2012

Coconut Chips

So pretty.
I read this on one of my favorite blogs...The Healthy Home Economist and made a batch yesterday!  YUMMO!!!

Coconut Chips
Coconut chips, unsweetened, organic, (or can be called flakes, not shredded)
Organic cinnamon
Sea Salt (Redmonds or Celtic)

Heat a cast iron skillet to medium heat.  Spread a thin layer of coconut chips in the skillet.  DO NOT leave the will regret this.  :-)  Continue moving the chips around in the skillet until they are a beautiful golden brown.

Transfer golden coconut chips to a glass pan or baking stone, spread chips out into a single layer.  Sprinkle with cinnamon and sea salt, whatever amount you like.  Mix.  Spread out again, let cool.  

Continue repeating these steps until you have made the amount you like.  Allow chips to cool completely and store in a glass pyrex bowl or ball jar with lid.

Snack on or use on top of dishes (I am thinking this would taste great on top of my Homemade Cold Breakfast Cereal!).  I am also thinking this would be reeeally good on top of my homemade ice cream!  YUM!!!!

And I am thinking a spicy recipe is in the works....maybe cayenne....or a cayenne/chipotle mix....hmmmmmmm :-)  Do you have any recipes or ideas?

I bought my organic coconut chips through Nutiva, 3 pounds (48 oz) for $13.89.  Whole Foods also sells them $2.99 for 7 oz.  (Bulk is cheaper here.  Nutiva breaks down to $.29 per ounce and Whole Foods is $.43 per ounce.)

Coconut chips and chia on top of Homemade Cold Breakfast Cereal. YUM!!

Click here for Nutiva's website.


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