Friday, August 23, 2013

Homemade Breakfast Patties

This is something I have wanted to try for a long time.  But, to be honest I have spoiled my kids.  They love the shape and size of the tiny breakfast patties you can buy pre-made (and think about how much more pure and healthy these are, being homemade) and hate my hand shaped mini patties.  I guess there is something to say about uniformity. Anyway, I started to research and I found this.  Isn't it cute?  Oh, how much do I love Amazon??  A lot.  :-)

Unfortunately, for you, as of today this patty maker is out of stock.  But keep your eye on it and hopefully they will get more back in stock.  I only paid $7.99 for this one.  So, I would hold out for a bit and see if they get them in stock.  Otherwise, if you don't mind paying $12.95 you can get this one.  Which looks great too.

So, of course I bought my ground turkey from Becker Farms.  Remember this post about Kyle and Emily Becker.  (a.k.a. the best place to buy all of your meat! :-)  ).

I used one pound and made 9 patties.  I wish I would have made a couple of them thinner, so I probably could have had a total of 10-11 patties.

Homemade Breakfast Patties
1 pound local raised ground turkey, chicken, or hog
Redmond's Sea Salt or Celtic Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Cast iron skillet
Small patty press

I would put about 1 1/2 - 2 rounded teaspoons of ground turkey in each patty maker press.  You don't want the meat to the top of the press, but just below.  All I did was sprinkle the patties as they were cooking with salt and pepper (you can add a ton of different ingredients here, but I didn't want to lose my kids, so we went the simple route).  

You do not want to overcook them, so watch them carefully.  Remove from heat when you think they are done.  The patties will cook further when you take them out of the freezer and warm up for later breakfasts, keep in mind.  Of course, I cooked mine in a cast iron skillet, cause I think EVERYTHING tastes better cooked in cast iron.  I season my cast iron skillets with KerryGold butter.  It is the best way I have found to season a cast iron skillet.

Let me and my son tell you...they are DELICIOUS!!!  So, Kyle and Emily, I will be placing an order soon for more ground turkey and sausage!!

They are cooling right now, but after they cool I will place them in a glass Pyrex container and separate them with parchment paper for future breakfasts.  You can thaw them or simply place the frozen patties in your cast iron skillet, heat thoroughly and enjoy.


And keep living GREEN,

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