Monday, February 7, 2011

Eat Right 4 Your Type

Well, I have a new's the book "Eat Right 4 Your Type."  Dr. D'Adamo has written this book after his father and himself have devoted many many years into researching that each blood type requires a different diet.  He breaks down the information into 3 major categories...Highly beneficial (which is food that is so wonderful for your body that your body treats it like taking in medicine)...Neutral (your body simply treats this list of foods as food)....and Avoids (the foods in this category are like poison in your body).  As my friend Sharyll said..."We all have different personalty types, gifts from God, fingerprints...why wouldn't each person need to eat differently according to their blood type."  (I thought that was WELL said.  :-)  )

I have never seen healthy eating that makes this much sense.  This is sooooo easy to understand.  I have to thank Mackenzie at   I went onto her blog the other day to get her ratio for making my own facial toner and skimmed through her newest blogs and I has HOOKED instantly.  I bought the book and I can't put it down.  And I am having a blast on his website looking for new recipes 

Mackenzie has also made an amazing list in Excel of the foods that should be eaten by each blood type.  Email me or her if you want the list. first area I have picked to change is one that is very common when people make the change to the diet that is right for their blood type....wheat.  Do you know that wheat is practically in every single thing we eat!!!!  Well, not that bad, but it feels like it at first.  LOL  So, I have started the adventure of making my own bread.  It is called Sprouted Ezekiel or Essene (Manna) Bread.  And oh is this AMAZING!!!!!

You go to a health food store to buy your grains, I bought mine from Whole Foods, but I would check out our Downtown Farm Stand and possibly even the Health Food store on McGalliard and you buy your grains.  This is how flour begins, as a grain of wheat, spelt, barley, whatever type of bread you are baking.  It's in it's purest state, the way God intended it, when Organic.  Not the while powdery substance we have all come to know as the basis to all of our baking called BLEACHED WHITE FLOUR.  YUCK!!!  It has NOOOOOOO nutrition in it!!!  Everything has been stripped away, bleached away....yucked away!  We eat this, and guess what???  It fills our bellies, but provides nothing to our being or health.  Nothing.

So, over Christmas, this is where it gets weird, a good friend of mine Leslie, baked this bread called Ezekiel bread.  I was curious and started asking her questions, since I had stopped buying bread and had been baking all of ours at home.  I felt good about this.  Really good and was saving money at the same time.  So, I ask Leslie about this bread and she gives me the recipe.  And the recipe begins with milling your own flour.

Then months later (present), I am reading "Eat Right 4Your Type" and low and behold guess what bread they say is Highly Beneficial for me and my family????  You guessed it....Ezekiel bread.

So, I start doing the research.  As I am researching, Ezekiel bread is sometimes referred to as Sprouted Bread...what?!?!  What's sprouted bread??  So, my research continued...and currently I have 3 glass quart jars sitting in my appliance garage (in the dark) in my kitchen with grains in them doing what???? guessed it... sprouting. 

Read my next blog.  :-)

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