Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ezekiel Bread FYI

If you are wanting to eat healthier bread, hot dog buns, hamburger buns and even tortillas, but don't really feel like sprouting your own grains and making your own bread, you can find Ezekiel Bread at Meijer, Super Marsh on Wheeling, Winding Way Farms and Downtown Farm Stand.  If you go to Meijer it is in the frozen section across from the frozen chicken in a bag in the bottom of the open freezer section and back in the corner by the ice cream at Marsh.  :-)

I bought two loaves at Meijer....1cinnamon raisin Ezekiel and 1 sesame seed Ezekiel.  Would you know it???  They were sold out of the regular Ezekiel.  The man who stocks the bread was actually there while I was shopping and he said that he had just filled the bin 2 days before!  I told him there would be a lot of people buying it and he said he would tell Meijer that they need to stock more.  I LOVE it!!!

Let me know what you find and what you think of the taste.  I can't wait to buy the tortillas, hamburger and hot dog buns!

The cinnamon raisin bread tastes awesome toasted with homemade butter on it!  I just shared 2 pieces with the kids.  :-)  They even ate the crust!  LOL

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