Sunday, February 13, 2011

Making Your Own Sprouted Flour

If you are liking the idea about sprouting your own grains to make breads, then you might like this idea.

After you sprout the grains, place them in a food dehydrator or oven and dry them.  Store for later use to be milled into flour for your baking.  How easy is that!!??  And much healthier than buying flour that has already been milled.

150 degrees is as hot as you want to go when dehydrating the sprouted grains.  (Wheat berries may take up to 7 hours to dry.)  So, dry the grains accordingly.

There are so many ways to grind grains....grain grinder...

Here are some awesome websites I have found....
Book to read "Nourishing Traditions:  The cookbook that challenges politically correct nutirition..." 

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