Thursday, April 21, 2011

I believe God is definitely in Organic

Last summer I took my kids and my in-laws to the Living Lightly Fair here in Muncie.  As I was browsing the booths, I found one particular booth where I wanted to buy something.  As I was paying for my purchase one of the owners and I began to chat.  I shared with her the movement that had been happening in my life for the past 9 months (then) and that I had started a blog and I gave all the credit/glory to God.  She asked for my blog address, and I gave it to her. 

As we were ending our conversation, she made a comment along the line of, you never hear a believer in God also being someone concerned about organic, or that organic and God never go together.  And that, should be a topic I blog about.  That is not exactly the way she worded it, but it has been almost a year ago that she and I had that conversation, and I have to think hard to remember what I had for breakfast this morning.  :-)

So, obviously, I have thought about that conversation since......a lot.

For me, being a follower, believer, lover of Jesus Christ, it makes my brow furrow with confusion on how God/Jesus could not be in organic.

Organic is everything that God and Jesus is.  Pure, untainted, whole, healthy, perfect and very good for us!  God does not want us eating all the crap that we put into our bodies on a daily basis.  Look at the Garden of Eden.  They ate from a tree every day...from a tree!!!  Not a prepackaged box, full of pesticides, MSG, bleached flour, artificial flavoring and coloring.  Or a can lined with bpa and aluminum.  Everything was pure.  Right down to the fact that Adam and Eve were naked and neither one of them thought a thing about it.  Modesty or even the word naked did not exist to them.  They were what we call naked and they were fine with that.  Very fine with that.  They and almost everything around them was.....pure (I can't say everything seeing that the serpent/satan was far from pure).

The health of our families and of our country is on a fast forward track of destruction.  Cancer is rampant, Alzheimer's is on an increase, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity it at an all time high.  Now, you can argue with me that we have better technology to find this stuff now, better doctors, more testing, etc etc...I agree our technology is better, but the fact is...what we are eating has gotten worse.  Unless you are someone who reads the labels of everything you buy and buy organic.

God does not want us to fill our bodies with harmful ingredients that can be found in about everything we eat.  The bible says that "our bodies are our temple."  So, we should treat them like they are a temple.  A very important one.  Seeing that they are the only one we get.

So, in a nutshell and in my opinion...God is very much in organic.  And God is very much a supporter of us eating and farming organic.  Organic is the way things should be.  What we eat should be in the purest form.  I love how one fitness trainer suggests trying to limit eating anything that comes in a "package."  You want to eat things that come in their original package....fruits and veggies.

Something to chew is April 22, 2011 Good Friday and it is also Earth Day.....coincidence???  I don't think so.

What do you think?

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