Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Must HAVE Plants to Keep in Your Home---They Filter the Air you Breath

This is a fun post.  Cause you either get to go shopping or it gives you a good list to ask for at  your birthday, Christmas, Valentines day, whatever holiday you need to celebrate.  :-)  And if you need a good gift idea for it is!!!

If you live in a house, well you might want to read this.  :-)  Especially if you smoke, ever use finger nail polish or ever change the color of paint on your walls.  Your house could be swimming in an array of completely bad for you chemicals.  Glue, paint, furniture wax, detergents and cigarette smoke cause benzene.  Benzene as you can BAD!!!  

Here's what breathing benzene could do to you....
1.  Cause dizziness
2.  Headaches
3.  Compromise your immune system
4.  Eventually cause cancer from over exposure
5.  Long term effects on bone marrow
6.  Decrease red blood cells, leading to anemia eventually leukemia

Another lurker that makes its way into our homes is formaldehyde, which is suspected to cause cancer in humans.  Yeah, you might think the only place formaldehyde is found is at a funeral home...guess again.

Formaldehyde can be found in the following...
1.  Pressed wood products, like particle board for you floor
2.  Hardwood plywood paneling on the wall or in furniture
3.  Durable press drapes and other textiles
4.  Glues
5.  Tobacco smoke

Here are other areas where chemicals are present that make their way to your lungs...
1.  Paint removers
2.  Paint stripping chemicals
3.  Adhesives
4.  Spot removers
5.  Carpet cleaners
6.  Varnish
7.  Shellac
8.  Rust preventatives
9.  Nail polish
10.  Perfume

So, to keep these levels of chemicals lower in your home, you need these plants in your house.  This list is actually from NASA's list of air filtering plants.  Pretty cool huh'?!

Here is the list of the top air purifying plants to have in your home.  Plus, a home with some greenery just feels more like a home.  Don't you think?  And if you are worried about watering and taking care of long as they get water every week or 2 weeks, they should survive.  Sometimes my plants don't get a drink until they are drooping.  Said to say...these babies used to get love from me once a week, sometimes two!  Their day will come again when they are top of the priority list!  :-)

1.  Boston Fern
2.  Dendrobium
3.  Dracaena
4.  Dumb Cane
5.  English Ivy
6.  Gerbera Daisy (so happy about this!!  this is one of my 2 favorite plants!!)
7.  Golden Pothos or Devil's Ivy
8.  King of Hearts
9.  Peace Lily (I have a two of these if someone wants a start)
10.  Moth Orchid (Beautiful!!)
11.  Philodendron (verrrrry, if you don't have a green thumb...good choice)
12.  Pot Mum
13.  Snake Plant, or Mother-in-law Tongue
14.  Rubber Plant
15.  Spider Plant
16.  Weeping Fig
17.  Areca Palm

Let me know when you make any new plant purchases!  I checked the plants that I have in my house and I actually have 2 Peace Lillie's and 1 Philodendron!  YAY!!!!

Click here to see pictures of the above plants and for full article.

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