Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Dream -WF

When I woke this morning, there was such a sense of urgency around me.  God had given me an idea.  And this is the message I sent to the Global Headquarters of Whole Foods.

PLEASE consider what I am going to type....I woke this morning with such an urgency to share this idea with you. It is soooo IMPORTANT that this idea goes to the top within Whole Foods.  I believe this is very possible.  Very!  Please pray with me that this is answered.

Dear Whole Foods Global Headquarters,
I am such an advocate of Whole Foods. I live over an hour away from the closest WF but you are still the place I do the majority of my families grocery shopping. Why? Because it is a must that my family eats the safest and healthiest food I can buy. I even do grocery shopping for my friends when I drive down, due to the fact that they never make it down to Carmel, IN.

Here is my dream for you...Whole Foods Mini Market....or....Whole Foods Market -mini.

The "mini" Whole Foods would not need to carry all the fresh items that your 2 larger ones in Indiana carry. WE could do without the fresh fish, the cheese area, the extensive alcohol choices, and even the large deli. We could so easily survive on most things frozen and of course organic produce. You would not even need to carry the conventional produce...since we need to be only eating the organic produce anyway. BUT we just need clean/healthy foods to buy. The -mini would most definitely need to carry the 365 brand of everything as this is how I am able to shop at Whole Foods, due to the price of the 365 line being very affordable.

Heck! I may even be able to to help with the building of this. I am a stay at home mom currently (with a college degree ;-) )

BUT PLEASE hear this cry and request! There has to be more Whole Food groceries available around the US. HAS TO BE!!! There is such an movement right now...everyone's eyes are being opened to what is being put into our food and body care. I even started a blog so that I can share this info with my friends and family. Check it out..
PLEASE hear this cry for food and body care products that are not going to kill us!!! PLEASE!!
Sincerely, Kerri Boughman

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