Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Babies and Kids

This is an area, I get really fired up about!!  And I am going all out on this topic!!  If I come up missing you know that the big companies have made me and my blog disappear!!

I, like everyone else (practically that I know, with the exception of a few of you) have used Johnson and Johnson products since my babies were in the hospital as newborns.  Then, one day I hear, something about Johnson and Johnson having chemicals in their products that are actually harmful to my kids (thank you JV).  WHAT!!!!!  The company that I have trusted, is actually HURTING my babies!!!!!!!?????  Ticked would not be an adequate way to describe how I felt.  So.......the research began.

The book Green Babies Sage Moms changed my life (thank you JB and JG).  I mean CHANGED my life.  You HAVE to buy this book.  The author is the real deal.  Her name is Lynda Fassa and she is actually someone I call my friend.  I message her through Face Book and I have asked her 1000 questions and she answers every single one of them in detail.  She is an amazing woman.

Anyway, when I bought her book, I skipped straight to page 24...."How cosmetics and skin-care products may affect your developing baby."  Keep in mind this book is written, that we are supposed to read it the first time when we are "thinking" about getting pregnant.  For me, not the case.  My 2 babies were already here...born...breathing....healthy.....how, I ask??.....when I realized all the crap I put into and on my body while I was pregnant?!?!  A healthy baby is already a huge miracle, but to learn all the things I did while I was pregnant that were highly unacceptable...well let's just say I am a FIRM believer now (as if I wasn't before) that my boys are miracles for sure!!!

We only buy Burt's Baby Bee products for the kids.  ONLY!!!!  I am sure there are others out there that are ok.....BUT do your research before you buy.

Method Baby at Target says it is natural and clean....it is not!
Johnson and Johnson is supposed to be a trusted name....it is not!  I really don't like putting formaldehyde on my children.
Earth's Best says it is natural and organic...it is not USDA approved organic.

Just do your research before you buy.  I have not researched everything but I do know that Burt's Bee's Baby line is one of the cleanest....so that is what we buy.  And I am still reseaching.  :-)

Remember if you research through the cosmetic database, they do not separate artificial and natural fragrances when they rate products.  Burt's Bee's baby line is all natural fragrances.  They are working on the adult line to make it just as clean.

Ingredients to STAY AWAY FROM!!!!
Any paraben

Also, check out Burt's Bees website.  They have a guide that is a MUST read.    www.burtsbees.com  or http://www.burtsbees.com/wcsstore/Bee2C/upload/cmsimages/BurtsBeesGuidetoWellBeing.pdf for the guide.

More to come on the ingredients to stay away from!


  1. I am totally with you about all of this. This is an area I am trying to make people aware of as well. Its so infuriating that there are companies out there who feel it is okay to fill our babies will deadly, toxic, harmful chemicals and NOT tell us about it! I feel your anger/frustration and fully support it!

  2. I just saw Burt's Bee's toothpaste in Marsh tonight. I am in the process of going paraban free:)