Monday, August 16, 2010


I am in LOVE.

WowGreen cleaning products are AWESOME!!!

So far I have used the carpet cleaner (it removed black sharpie from our cream carpet upstairs!!), the laundry detergent (you don't have to use softener!!  and your clothes are SOFT!!), the all purpose cleaner and the glass cleaner.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!! 

I will continue to post more on wowgreen as I use the products.

I LOVE wowGreen sooooo much, I signed up to be a distributor.  You can get the products shipped right to your house!! and fill out my id # as 147848  Happy shopping for clean and GREEN cleaning products!!!

Product List
Super stain remover-removes clothing stains, carpet stains, permanent marker, ballpoint pen, grease and oil, spray paints, graffiti, tire marks, black heel marks, printer ink, restores blackboards, nail polish, hair dye and so many more stains!
Floor Cleaner-clean base.  restore your floors natural shine and remove unsightly dirt and dust, all with one rinse-free application.
Toilet bowl-wipe out.  clean and remove unsightly stains.
Dishwasher detergent-coming soon
Stain pen-write on.  spot remove any accidental stains from fabric.
Wood and Dust-natural shine.  restore the natural luster of wood surfaces.
All purpose-whole house. free your home of dust and dirt. 
Fabric pre-wash-first step. spray on fabric stains before they set or in-between washes.
Laundry detergent-clean machine. remove the everyday stains and odors from your favorite clothing items.  designed to work in all types of washers--even high efficiency.
Hand Dish Soap-hands on.  gently and effectively loosen and remove the grease and grime from your dishes and all kitchen and cooking utensils.
Glass and Stainless-see clearly.  provide your windows and stainless steel items with a sparkling shine.
Carpet and Upholstery-spot on.  spray spot-cleaner to remove those unfortunate spills and splatters.
Tile and Bath-clean up.  remove the mold, mildew and build-up plaguing most bathrooms
WowGo-FEEL the WOW, WOWGO - (1) 750ml bottle. WOWGO is the first and only beverage to be able to harness the effects of blue-green algae/Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA) and Phenylethylamine (PEA) with a proprietary super Fruit concentrate in a shelf stable beverage,

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