Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well, today for lunch we had BBQ chicken breasts.  And for the first time, I actually felt good about serving my family chicken.  Not exactly the way I have felt since watching Food Inc.  If you have not watched Food Inc., it is a MUST.  What we learned about how a chicken is treated, fed and pumped with, well.....just watch the documentary (and we eat this....our kids eat this!  Not good).

So, back to our lunch, I bought the chicken breasts at Whole Foods.  The chickens were raised free to roam on Pine Manor Farms which is located in northern Indiana in their Amish country.  The chickens were fed an all vegetable diet (that they make in their own feed mill in New Paris, IN), the chickens were not given antibiotics or growth stimulator, no animal by product or hormones.   

I spend $5.99 per pound.  In the last Meijer add conventional frozen Tyson chicken breasts were $2.40 per pound ($4.00 per pound not on sale).   In the last Marsh add conventional fresh Perdue chicken breasts were $1.98 per pound ($4.49 per pound not on sale).

So, in our household, we will not be eating as much chicken, but when we do, it will be the clean, healthy chickens.

I know you can buy the good healthy raised chickens in Muncie at The Downtown Farmstand on 125 E Main Street, Muncie.  I have friends who shop there, I have not yet.  But I plan to.  I am also curious about Fishers Meats and Meijer.  If anyone has any feedback here, please let me know.

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  1. Thank you for what you said on my last posting. :) I had a moment of frustration, but, it is gone now. I just needed to vent I suppose. Sometimes it feels hopeless when you walk down the isles at the store and all you see are products filled with gunk. I will be following your blog, too! I've been using Tom's, too. I'm not such a fan, but I've found a recipe to make my own. It reads like it will work. I'll post something about how it actually does or doesn't work soon!