Saturday, August 7, 2010


**So, now I find out the crystal stick still has aluminum in it!  The ingedient "alum," guess I should have figured that out on my own.  Wonderful.  Now I am using Tom's deodorant only.  And I have heard that Tom's recently changed their formula and people hate it.  I am still using the apricot Tom's and love it.  I don't know if I have an older formula or am just fortunate that it still works for me.  Man I love living in a country where it feels like 97% of the crap on the shelves is killing us or making us sick.  Depressing..........but it does keep me dreaming, passionate and restless for something better.  :-)

I am still leaving the old post below.

Ok, here we go!  Day 1 of using "Crystal body deodorant stick."  Hmmmm I am using a rock in my arm pits?  Sure.  What I have read leads me to believe that the normal deodorants we are using have aluminum chlorohydrate (AC) in them.  Researchers are trying to link the AC in antiperspirant deodorant to breast cancer.  Since the area is directly beside the breast there seems to be a connection.  So....I am no longer using any antiperspirant deodorant.  I bought the "Crystal" at Whole Foods for $6.99.  Wal-Mart does not carry it.  This one deodorant stick will last up to 1 year!  Now that's saving!!!

The Crystal is also hypoallergenic, fragrance and paraben free.  And can be used by both men and women.  You moisten the top of the stone and apply to under arm.  It is made of 100% natural mineral salts which eliminate odor by leaving an invisible protective barrier against odor causing bacteria.  And has been endorsed by the Cancer Treatment Centers.

I have been using "Tom's natural care of Maine" in apricot.  Yummy smelling by the way!!!  But on those 95+ degree days, Tom's have been leaving me a little short.  LOL  Great for normal temperature days, where you don't sweat just from breathing, but not so great for the scorcher days we enjoy here in Indiana.  By the way, Tom's does not have any aluminum in it and I do like it.  I bought it at Wal-Mart for around $3.50.

So, that being's Tom's for regular days and the Crystal for the HOT days!  I will keep you posted on what I think.  :-)

Ok, Day 2....I am liking the Crystal.  It survived tonight.  Or, I survived crying, hot office, 3 layers of clothes...and my pits do not stink.  YAY!!  Will post more on this topic.

I need to clarify something to about these deodorant choices...they do not prevent the sweat glands from sweat when your temperature is just don't stink.  :-)


  1. That is good to know!! Question does either one of them leave a yellow stain on your white shirts? The deodrant I use now does and it is hard to get off.

  2. The Crystal states that it does not. I have not noticed any yellow stains with the Tom's either.