Friday, August 13, 2010


Ok, now we are on a topic that many of you know is VERY near and dear to my heart.   RECYCLING!!!!

Many of you will first think...."I don't have time to recycle!"  But think of it as one step at a time.  Just pick one thing that you want to recycle and start there.  Build up to recycling more as time goes by and you realize how easy recycling is.

1st Let me say, I don't have it easy where I live.  We do not have recycling pick up along with our garbage pickup.  We had to get creative.

So, at first I was bugging my friends (you know who you are....thank you!!!) and taking my blue plastic bags full of recycling to their house the day before their trash and recycling was picked up.  Crazy I know.  A lot of work....I know....but worth it.  Then during a bible study, a friend revealed to me what happens when you put your blue bag in your trash can along with your other trash.  She had taken a tour of where her recycling goes and was quite disappointed.  If a blue bag came open, there was no effort to recycle those items that fell out, they were just placed with the garbage.  So, she did her research and found the Muncie Mission.  The Muncie Mission accepts all recycling except for plastics.

So, I created a little recycling system in our garage by using cardboard boxes, blue recycling bags and labels.  And when the boxes get to the Muncie Mission we go!  The Mission recycles glass, cardboard (all cardboard, cereal boxes, pop tart boxes, etc), soup cans (steel), pop cans, miscellaneous paper, magazines, newspapers, office paper.  They also accept clothes, toys, household items, etc to sell in the Attic Store.

So, in a nut shell the recycling is converted into money and the money goes to help the Muncie Mission.  THIS IS A NO BRAINER PEOPLE!!!!  You help the planet and the Muncie Mission at the same time!!!

As far as our pop cans and plastic go, we take our pop cans to Union Chapel.  There is an area behind the bus garage where you can throw your pop cans in a bag.  The money goes to Blood N Fire and Christian Ministries to buy food.

Plastic, I take to Eastern Central Indiana Recycling.  They have a bin out front that you can throw your blue bags with your plastics in.  East Central Indiana also takes, broken appliances and electronics.  You can call them at 765-282-1900 if you have any questions.  They are located on Centennial. 

So, do your part my friends....why place something in a landfill that can be recycled and turned into something new?  Think about the footprint you are leaving on this planet.  We must do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle.  :-)

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